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Sharing a 3-bedroom apartment in MBA Hotel 
You will be sharing a 3-bedroom apartment with 2 other students at the MBAHotel which is within walking distance of everything you need.

Collective Accommodation Rental 
MBA Hotel will notcollect accommodation rental, etc on a per student basis in the case ofaccommodation sharing. It will not entertain individual student request forseparate accommodation and other separate cost billing. Students sharing theapartment must agree amongst themselves as to who is the main tenant. Theaccommodation will be deemed to be booked in his/her name and the other 2 willhave to make arrangements to pay the necessary monies at the appropriate timesto the main tenant who will pay for everyone’s behalf.

Refundable Rental Deposit 
One (1) monthdeposit is payable upon signing up for the apartment. The deposit is refundableon return of vacant possession to MBA Hotel in good condition. 

Advance Utilities Purchase 
Electricity andwater usage is for the account of the tenants. Electricity 
and water usage must be purchased in advance. Once it is used up, 
please top up. 

Students sharing an apartment will have to work out cost sharing on 
their own.

SUGGESTION: Purchase RMB450 forelectricity and RMB120 for 
water upfront. 

Facilities in a3-Bedroom Apartment 
Each apartment hasone sharing toilet and a small sitting area. 

* Only first roll of toilet paperprovided. Student must purchase their own after the first roll. 

Free TV Service 
Free TV service isavailable in the sitting hall in each room. A remote control is provided ineach apartment. There are more than 70 Chinese TV stations. CCTV9 (Channel 20)is the only English station. Students can subscribe for International TVstations. To subscribe and activate the international stations, students shouldbring their passport, together with a monthly subscription fee of RMB319, toMBA Hotel’s front desk to register. Should the students want to disconnect theinternational stations, ONE (1) week notice should be given to the front desk.

Free Internet Service at MBA Hotel 
WIFI service isavailable free of charge.

MBA Hotel willprovide free housekeeping once a week. This includes making beds. Bed sheetswill be changed once every 2 weeks. No towels and other personal laundry willbe handled by housekeeping.

Laundry Service 
There is a selfservice laundry machine on 10th floor in MBA Hotel, laundry charge is RMB3/loadwith a laundry cycle of 40 minutes. The laundry service provides only washingservice, there is no dryer service in the MBA Hotel. There is another laundryservice, Laundromat, opposite MBA Hotel, laundry charge is RMB5/load (roughly4kg) for washing, and RMB7/load for dryer service.

Mineral & Bottled Water 
This is notprovided by the MBA Hotel. Students may purchase their own bottled mineralwater from the local supermarkets or small sundry shops.

Once the RMB100 is used up, the student(s)can choose to top up to 
continue using the telephone service. The balance is refundable when 
checking out from MBA Hotel. 

MBA Hotel does notprovide breakfast service for guests. There is a small snack corner in thelobby of MBA Hotel selling sandwiches and coffee for breakfast. The corner isopen from 7am to 11pm. There are also a McDonald’s and a KFC outlet withinwalking distance. Chinese breakfast is available in the local eateries in thestudent village.

Summary of Student Accommodation Costs& Deposits 
3 students sharingone apartment will have to be prepared to pay cash 
for the following: 

Health and Safety 

Medical Attention 
Medical attention can be obtained at the Medical Room, located at the studentdormitory. It provides 7 x 24 medical services. For further details, pleasecall 87161634.

Map to Clinic and Police Station

China has strictrules on the import of medicines and not all drugs commonly prescribed towesterners will be readily available. You are allowed to bring small amount ofprescription drugs into the country in your personal baggage. You should bringa copy of your prescription with you as customs officers may need to check it.Chinese medicine is of course popular and Chinese remedies are readilyavailable from the many stores in the city.

Police Station 
There is a policestation right next to WenXing Plaza. If students need police assistance toresolve any issue, there is a on-duty team available 7 * 24. For the exactlocation, please see the above map 


Prepaid Mobile Phone 
To ensure thatstudents can be reached at all times, the Administration Office will keep trackof all students’ mobile phone numbers. Students in the same batch may subscribeto a group mobile phone service package, whereby subscribers may enjoy free callsamong the group subscribers. A prepaid mobile phone card will be arranged forstudents. Students will need to purchase credit in advance at China TelecomService Center in Wenxing Plaza. Once the credit is used up, students can topup at China Telecom Service Center in Wenxing Plaza. 


The closest bankbranch is the ICBC Bank at Multi-purpose Building (Zhong He Lou). The bankbusiness hour is 9:00am to 4:00pm, from Monday to Friday. 
Don't forget to bring your passport.

Once you have your bank account, kindlyinform the Administration Office of your bank account number for facilitationof direct bank transfers etc as need be into your account. Note: To get to thenearest bank (ICBC Bank), please take the free 888 bus (3 stops from Wen XingPlaza) . 

Cash and Credit Card 
Credit cards are not popular or commonly used in China. Most restaurants oncampus do not accept credit cards. Government authorities, for example, medicalcheck-up and residency permit application, only accept cash transactions.Therefore, students are advised to bring enough cash for their stay in China. 

Note: If you exchange EURO to RMB in the bank in China, KEEP THE EXCHANGERECEIPT. When you leave China and need to convert RMB into EURO, you will needto show the proof of your EURO/RMB exchange.

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